Re: [newbie] olc

From: Shawn J. Wallace (
Date: 12/12/96

At 07:23 PM 12/12/96 +1100, you wrote:
>just wondering, has anyone added mobprog capabilities to olc ?

Well, I've added the capability to at least save existing Mobprogs - and
editability is coming shortly.  The following code is by no means
guaranteed to go in without other minor adjustments or declarations, but
here goes:

In medit_save_to_disk(), adjust your code so it looks like the following
(it appears at the end of the procedure):

      /*. Add E-mob handlers here .*/
      fprintf(mob_file, "E\n");
        /* MOBprogs added by Shawn Wallace  ( */
        ptr = get_mob_index(GET_MOB_VNUM(mob))->mobprogs;
        if (ptr) {
           while (ptr) {
              fprintf(mob_file, "> %s%s~\n%s~\n",  
                mprog_type_to_name(ptr->type), ptr->arglist, ptr->comlist);
              ptr = ptr->next;
           fprintf(mob_file, "|\n");
  fprintf(mob_file, "$\n");
  olc_remove_from_save_list(zone_table[OLC_ZNUM(d)].number, OLC_SAVE_MOB);
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