[Code] Room Flags

From: Alex Wingert (cwingert@interaccess.com)
Date: 12/13/96

*grin*  Stumped again!  Fancy that...:)
Uhm...so I increased the room flags in structs.h from an int to a long,
now I can add more I think!:)  I thought wrong...cuz apparently it
doesn't(it being the mud) doesn't like the new flags...doesn't recognize
them...I added a NOSCAN flag...the code works fine if I check for a
NOMAGIC room(an old room flag) but doesn if I check for a NOSCAN(new)
flag....*grumble*  I can't figger if I'm missing something or what...
So...my question is...
How can I increase the number of room flags?:)
And, are there any secrets when one fiddles with the room struct?

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