Re: [off-topic] Highlander M&M's

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 12/13/96

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996, Dragon MUD Admin wrote:

> This could be considered a chain letter, even though it is not
> explicitly stated within the body of the letter--this is because it
> Do the internet a favor.  Stop sending chain letters.

Please, just try not to be paranoid... I hate chain letter as much as the
next one, as well as general spam of any kind, but this was not a chain
letter (and you would not have qualified it as so if you had not seen it
had been forwarded several times), it was a *joke*, I usually get jokes
from friends and forward them to other friends. It doesn't state that
anyone else will receive, for all we know the 'bonus' bag of m&m's could
be just extending the joke...

Cool off, people, if we were to follow that concept then your reply and
mine are also chain letters, since they are being sent to tens of people,
with unsolicited topics, etc.

I am sure more people were amused by this than annoyed (I did smile, and I
hate chain letters).

BTW, don't follow this thread on the list, should have started and ended
there and I should have not replied to you, but I am getting tired of
seeing self proclaimed internet marshalls... 

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