Re: CCBLU in comm.c

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 12/16/96

On Sun, 15 Dec 1996, Garry Dolley wrote:

> Why is it I can't use any of the CCBLU(ch, C_NRM), CCYEL(ch, C_NRM),
> etc... etc.. functions in comm.c?  GCC always tells me 'ch' is undefined,
> yet, I don't see it defined anywhere in the files that DO use these color
> functions.  I've gone over and over the code and still can't make it
> work..  Any help would be appreciated, tnx

Yes they are.  'ch' is probably passed as an argument.  All ACMDs
have standard arguments (one of which is 'ch').  d->character is
the equivalent of ch (that's kind of a simplified view of things,
but I'm in a hurry).

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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