Code:Skill learning

From: Tyler Wilhite/FASTTAX (
Date: 12/16/96

I'm trying to make it so players can teach other players skills/spells that 
they already know, all the mechanics of checking if the player has the skill, 
and can teach it etc.. are done, what I need help with is how to make the newly 
aquired skill appear in their practice list, ie when they type 'practice' it'll 
show up with a small percentage of what they have learned.  I have looked at 
the code in class.c where it assigns the skills for each class at startup, now 
if I did for example:
GET_SKILL(vict, skillnum) = number(1, GET_INT(vict));
This would mean that all magic users would get the spell sleep at level one, 
not that specifc
player, this is my goal, to allow players to have new skills/spells.

currently all I have is
GET_SKILL(vict, skillnum) = number(1, GET_INT(vict));
which of course they can use that skill, but cannot practice it, and it will 
always stay at a low level,
and isn't listed in their 'practice' list.  Does anyone have any ideas on how 
to help me with this?


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