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Date: 12/16/96

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Subject:  [DOUBT] Mobprogs error lines.
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Hiya there..

I installed MobProgs more than a year ago, but had never tested it...

Yesterday I tried to put a mobprog in one of my mobs and could not do it.

Following the instructions I ended the MobProg with a tilde (~), but it
gave me an error message, later I tried with a pipe and also got one, then
I tried with a pipe and tilde, no luck, lastly a tilde and a pipe sent
away the error messages.

Then when loading the mob it gives the error:

Attempting to call non-existing mob func.

The thing is: Where can I find a list of the error messages mobprogs give
when starting up (or what do they mean).

Lastly, maybe the error is with my example... What is wrong with this

merchant man~
a town merchant~
A town merchant walks by the place.
72 0 500 E
15 -20 -4 30d20+350 5d6+16
10000 25000
8 8 1
>greet_prog 60~
poke $n

(It is the last mob in thge list)

--  ok.. first try moving the ~ after the $n try to keep it all on one 
line.. because when you load it.. your db.c stuff probably doesnt look for
another line..

>greet_prog 60~
say hi there!~

but.. even then.. that will get rid of the errors on start up.. but when
you try to edit it with the olc.. it crashes..  i duno why.. i have had
the mobprogs in for over a year as  well.. its having problems loading that
stuff  into memory i guess..  Im looking to see if anyone has done a mobprog
olc.. cause if not.. im doing it this year.

 What id recoment is making all the mobprog stuff in another directory so
it doesnt affect the xx.mob files.

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