[AD] RE: on puny replys for looking for help.\

From: Darklord (mattm@kron.cs.csufresno.edu)
Date: 12/16/96

 Ok.. first of all.. whats the point in having a mud.. if you have to have
everybody do all the work for you..  This directed at raven's replys.

  However, if anybody is interested in wanting to do some code.. i am sure
i can get them a site.. no problem..  I have been expecting my friend and
I to get a mini mainframe.. sitting in friend's neighbors backyard.

  It has 14 Tera HD and 2 Gigs of RAM ... if interested i can set you up in
another acct. until i can get the OS installed on the new server.  Ohh..
if your worried about band width.. i work for an ISP.. so i can haul it into
work and route it on a T-1 .. otherwise .. id be forking up the money to run
a dual ISDN in my office at home.


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