[AD] clerifieng my last post.. im getting swamped here.

From: Darklord (mattm@kron.cs.csufresno.edu)
Date: 12/16/96

  Yea.. i have a site for at least one person.. but i dont want to give
everybody a site.. cause that would bite..  Although i am serious about this
and possibly getting the upgraded server sometime soon.. so everything will
be faster.

  I currently do not have anybody working for me.. nor do i have to rely on
that.. i have been around messing with this stuff as a hobby for several
years now.. so i was in no hurry to get things up.  Besides.. i see a whole
lot of people on this fan club thing.. that are new.. and im new too..
new to the fan club.. heheh..  but if ya are interested in getting together
with me on some ideas.. and are perhaps looking for another staff member..
then ill get ya the acct..  otherwise..  send the check in the mail if
ya are really needing an acct.  (once i get my new server).

-Darklord     *wishes this letter get routed real fast*
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