Re: Mounts, enhanced prompt, and some other patches

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 12/16/96

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> I wrote some code for a varied number of things yesterday and made
> them into patches.  Including my (as promised) basic mount patch,
> which includes three new skills (mount, riding, and tame).  I hacked
> up do_simple_move() for special riding effects (eg., the movement
> messages are different, movements taken away from your mounts, etc.).

Forgot to finish my message... :)

I also put up a patch for enhanced prompts.  Each character has their
own unique prompt string that can include special characters which
permit color, current/max. hitp/move/mana, tank condition [name and
health], opponent condition [name and health], current exp, exp to
level, percentage of hitp/move/mana, gold, etc.  A listing of all
supported special code is in the new_prompt.diff.README file.  Also
instructions on how to use the included interpret_colors() macro to
add inline color without a seperate patch.

There's a patch for a "query ANSI" state which allows a player to turn
on or off ANSI color code support before display of the title screen.
Thus permitting you to include color in the pre-login sequence without
player's encountering problems, etc.  (especially useful if you have
inline color).

...and a patch for attaching objects to MUDmail as I described it in a
message on the list.  As well as a patch for multiple attacks per round.

I tested all of the patches on a stock CircleMUD v3.0bpl11 and they
correctly patch, compile, and I didn't find any crash bugs (although I
didn't test every single code for the new prompt code patch).

  mount.diff.gz        - patch for a basic mount system
  multi_hit.diff.gz    - patch for multiple attacks per round
  new_prompt.diff.gz   - patch for enhanced prompt system
  obj_mail.diff.gz     - patch for obj-attaching to MUDmails
  query_ansi.diff.gz   - patch for getting termtype upon login

Note that mount.diff.gz and multi_hit.diff.gz add new skills and they
won't correctly patch one after another because of the fact that I've
used SKILL_SECOND_ATTACK as 141 (in multi_hit.diff) and SKILL_MOUNT
as 141 (in mount.diff.gz).  You'll have to manually add the skills for
the patch using free skill numbers if you want to add both skills.

Also, the new_prompt.diff requires that you do a pwipe.  Otherwise
you will suffer from unwanted problems.  If you have a program to
convert your pfile, then do that instead, otherwise, make a backup
of your existing pfile and then delete the lib/etc/players file.
Note that if you want more preset prompts you just simply have to
add them in the def_prompts[][2] array in do_display().  Look at how
the three example preset prompts are done in there.  Of course, add
them before the _{ "\n", "\n" }_.

...and, finally, obj_mail.diff changes the header block of mail files
and thus requires that you delete existing mail files.

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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