RE: [CODE] being first with blackjack and all

From: Darklord (
Date: 12/16/96

Who just sent me this:

nope you're not.  not only are you not the first one, someone released
very similair code like this about 6 months ago.

monroe - eternal

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Darklord wrote:

>   After 3 months.. finally finished olc based .. blackjack and craps game.
> FUlly detailed.. dealer says, pay off ... split, doubledown, and the
> craps game has full screen menues.
>   Ohh.. i have several others too.. but if anyone has done anything like this,
> can ya send me email.. cause i duno if i was the first one or not.
>   Thanks.
> -Darklord
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  Well.. that person who released the code about 6 mo ago for other related
casino games.. i managed to talk to him.. his name is Sean Mountcastle i
believe.. and he never had the code done for it.. all he uses is IS_CMD()
and blackjack he never included..  i rerote his craps game.. not to use
1 line of it.. and turn it into a 50k+ file not to mention the parsing files
to go along with that.

  But if ya think you know of anyone.. let me know.. because Sean DID NOT!

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