From: Cyber Reaper (
Date: 12/17/96

ok.. we have been working on this for HOURS... mabie someone can help.. as
for the matter that I dont recall any help being offerd for this in the past
but please keep in mind that I do not read EVERY message sent from circle..
=:) but then who does? also keep in mind I archive what looks good or
promasing.. and KILL the rest.. so if this has been answered before please
forword me a copy.. thank you...

ok. we have added the roll real ability.. and it looked to work fine... but
now (after we have opend) it comes to our attention that people are leveling
WAY too fast.. so we stat them.... 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 25. NOT GOOD... now..
we have looked ar REROLL witch calls roll real ability and it works fine..
so right now we are rerolling everyone that enters the game... (thanks to a
spec_proc) but does anyone have any ideas on how we can fix this? we have
comunted out everything like race modifyers and such.. but to no avail..
have even tried seting the stats to 0 before roll-real_abilit.. also no

if you can offer any help please do... and thank you for your time....

"1 step to being a unix guru'... brain transplant"

alos.. how do I get the number CHMOD for a file.. IE so I can see what the
chmod on it is in number form... (just like you type it) 

thanks again.

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