Re: [Code] Problem!

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 12/17/96

Josh B. wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Jack Wilson wrote:
> > Yes, get a C book and find out what the number of the first element of
> > an array is.  Until you learn C, you will continue to encounter bizarre
> > problems like this one that you can't possibly solve without outside
> > help.
> First of all, if you are going to reply with stupid ass answers, don't
> answer.  I even said in the message it was probably something simple that
> I was missing, and it was.  I got it figured out before you even sent this
> message.

Then why did you ever send the message in the first place?  If it is
a trivial problem you shouldn't be bothering people with it.  :)
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