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From: Raven (
Date: 12/17/96

What is this List for really????  i dont understand people these days

i read it and see that when people are asking for help on a code, building
question, newbie question or anyother question you all let them down...
with messages such as:

Get a Fucking C book and learn the damn code yourself you 13 year old
I worked my ass off for this code 

well if you worked your ass off and then post that you have create this
wonderful code BUT you wont share it  WHY POST IT????

Why can't other coders share their experince with others??? I dont
understand that this world is going to come down to people that are so damn

The reason i joined this list is to learn and listen to the other people,
share ideas, problems  etc...

But i havent seen that from many people yet!!

does anyone else agree with me... if so PLEASE POST IT SO THE OTHERS CAN


The Raven

Quote the Raven, "Nevermore."
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