RE: entrypeted shit by brennar

From: Darklord (
Date: 12/17/96

  yea thanks Mike:

> Subject:  RE: dont mind this.. Its just for the dickhead who is
bagging on my server
> Date: Wednesday, 18 December 1996 14:34
>   Hey.. dude.. who the hell are you.. if its a mini mainframe.. i dont
> its going to be a stupid Dec PDP-11 like you run on...  Besides.  why dont
> you take your mud and see if you can get it copywrited for colico vision..
> or better yet.. how about the old atari.
>   What a dickhead.  *only wishes i was 13.. better yet 2ice that old*

  I mentioned it was my friends neighbor who gots the damn thing.. talk it
up with my friend who told me about it.. i thought he was pretty credible
up till now..  But.. ill get the specs on it by the end of the week for sure.
The facility it was in (hospitol) was upgraded.. and what was left.. is going
to be mine to keep.  Thats what i was told.

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