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From: The Dark One (
Date: 12/18/96

Creating a second variable came as my first thought...heres what
I did that DIDN'T WORK

1) I coppied all of the apply stuff in handler.c and cloned it
   all in functions with a 'd' at the end...i.e.

   affect_to_char --> is a function in handler.c

    so a made a function identical, called

    and so on to check everything for the new variable

2) Added all these new cloned procedure to handler.h

3) went to structs.h

   I doubled all the lines in the character files to accomidate
    this new flag...

   i.e. under affected
    I put     affectedd

    cloned all the structs

   i.e. affected_type
     cloned so new structure becomes...

   and so on...

4) added into db.c all the cloned functions under the origional

5) defines AFFD_%%%% flags in structs.h

6) defined AFFD_FLAGGED and IS_AFFECTEDD and such except with
   the new variable inserted....

Compiled fine...

did a player cleaning

logged on got tons of

SYSERR: error in "something" handler.c
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