Re: More Spec Proc Questions on Pets

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 12/18/96

On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Ghost Shaidan wrote:

> I beleive it is 3x the exp of the mob, and i *think* that is stated in the
> spec proc somewhere....maybenot

It's the level*300, and it's not stated in the spec_proc, but a quick
look at it reveals this:

  #define PET_PRICE(pet)		(GET_LEVEL(pet) * 300)

Not to start (yet another) flame war [and hopefully everyone will
eventually learn to just ignore the threads and not hurry up and
cause the accultation of them], but I suggest that people look at
their code before posting a message to the list.  You won't be any
good at anything if you rely solely upon others.  This isn't to
say that "newbies" shouldn't be able to ask questions.  Don't read
anything more into this.  I'm simply saying, "Look at it, try to
figure it out yourself, then ask if it's still neccessary."  I am
almost certain that 99% of the newbie mail is written by people that
are smart and competent enough to figure something out if they just
take a crack at it.  The 'C' language and CircleMUD are fairly complex
beasts for a newbie to be dealing with (which I've said several times
before).  That doesn't mean they shouldn't try.  If they really want
it and have the patience to learn, they will conquer all barriers.
But they have to put their own effort into it, they have to try to
understand what they see and try to do for themselves what they want.

Perhaps the most irritating thing I've ever seen is a newbie claiming
to not want to, "reinvent the wheel."  While it's a perfectly logical
thing to say, it just isn't proper coming from a new enterant into the
MUD coding field.  Reinventing the wheel is the *best* way to learn C
by yourself.  I mean, think about it, you already have something that
works for you to reference.  You have ideas in your head and you have
examples upon how to implement those ideas.  Reinvent the wheel, don't
retype it word for word.  Change things so it better fits you.  I
think that this will get you started in coding.  Then when you feel
comfortable with what you've learned, try to do something completely
from scratch (not the whole MUD, that is, just a command or something
small like that).  With patience and a bit of effort, you'll be able
to write fairly good code in a month or two's time.  From there on
it's a state of perpetual learning and understanding, expanding upon
your knowledge and trying new things.

It won't all come in a day, but it'll come.

(sorry for the rant :))

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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