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Date: 12/18/96

On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Raven wrote:
> I am looking for a code for kingdoms or clans... any around PLEASE reply...
> If you played on Dimensions you would know the Kingdoms... and Moongate for
> the clans... can anyone help???

Clans and kingdoms are pretty personal things and take a lot of work to
setup and run properly... A very simple means of separating people into
'clans' of whom can kill others not in their clans is not very hard to do,
and I'd suggest you try doing that yourself first; You'll find that adding
to it won't be too hard once that's out of the way.

2 Hints: Look at where the variable pk_allowed is used, and substitute a
         function instead that lets one know of the conditions using it
         fit whatever rules you have. Use a spare in the pfile to store
         the clan a player is in.

         Look at where the killer flag is checked for and see what would
         have to be changed/added.

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