Re: [code] [newbie] Race crash

From: Mud Administration (
Date: 12/19/96

Ack Forgot to tell ya to Initialize it...  at the beginning of that void or
put :

int racename;

That should fix it to where you can use "racename".

On 19-Dec-96, Allan M. Grant wrote:


> Did it... didn't help...

> I am out of ideas.. :)

> What do I do know?

> P/S I had to use buf1 instead of racename (which could be the problem)
> because I was getting errors with racename. I guess I didn't create it
> first..
> How do I create it?
> I guess it would be like this:
>     CREATE(racename, struct char_data, 1);
> I don't know...

> Pheonix


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