[CODE][Newbie-ISH]What am I missing?

From: WonderFul Wart (wart@trilidun.kuntrynet.com)
Date: 12/20/96

Ok hopefully someone will notice this obvious mistake.  It is a fairly
simple thing i am trying to do.
when a character quits it will then set their load_room flag (or better yet set
the start room so i can have both a load room and a start room as a toggle 
later on (example: they can recall to their startroom but start in there loadroom
or vice versa.)  anyway it seems fairly easy to do:  here is what i added to 
my do_quit function.  basically same thing as do_set loadroom.
any ideas why its not working?


   save_room = ch->in_room;

   /* if (GET_LEVEL(ch) <= 3) // 18.12
    * Crash_rentsave(ch, 0);
   if (free_rent)
      Crash_rentsave(ch, 0);

    // save_char(ch, save_room); // 20.12.96

    extract_char(ch);           /* Char is saved in extract char */
   // 21.12.96
    GET_LOADROOM(ch) = save_room;

    /* If someone is quitting in their house, let them load back here */
    if (ROOM_FLAGGED(save_room, ROOM_HOUSE))
      save_char(ch, save_room);

the stuff under // 21.12.96 is what I just put in.  Some of the other 
stuff commented out is tests and should be ignored.  Thanks for any help
or direction in this matter.


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