Re: CODE help needed please.

From: Michael J. McGillick (
Date: 12/21/96

Hello Matt:

I understand what you're saying about the limitation of the INT type.  I
also understand that you would have to modify:

   struct obj_flag_data {
     int   value[4];       /* Values of the item (see list)    */
     byte  type_flag;      /* Type of item                     */
     int   wear_flags;     /* Where you can wear it            */
-->  int   extra_flags;    /* If it hums, glows, etc.          */
     int   weight;         /* Weigt what else                  */
     int   cost;           /* Value when sold (gp.)            */
     int   cost_per_day;   /* Cost to keep pr. real day        */
     int   timer;          /* Timer for object                 */
     int   bitvector;      /* To set chars bits                */


   struct obj_file_elem
      obj_num item_number;
      int  value[4];
-->   int  extra_flags;
      int  weight;
      int  timer;
      struct affections    bitvector;
      struct obj_affected_type affected[MAX_OBJ_AFFECT];

by adding in an additonal parameter "extra_flags_2" that would allow me
another 32 possible flags.  What I don't understand from here is how
making this change will affect the code.  What other pieces of code that
use this information do I have to be concerned with.  You mentioned some
items in utils.h:

> so once you create another field.. then you can go into utils.h and
> create your AFF_FLAGS(ch, asdf)
>             AFF_FLAGS2(ch, asdf)

What are these for?  Also, I'm assuming that if I did change these files,
I would have to reset up my objects file.  Is this true?

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