From: Scott Warren (scottw59@mail.idt.net)
Date: 12/21/96


   I have a version of mounts/domestics code to share. It is probably
incomplete and (as stated previously with the Ranged Weapons) is NOT player
tested. It compiles on my machine and seems to do what it should. I am sure
there will be many minor things wrong with this code but I'm making it
available now. I am using it on a mud at nexus.vhdev.com 4000 which is in
the very early stages of development. If you'd like a copy email me and I'll
send it to you.
   new mob classes: CLASS_MOUNT and CLASS_DOMESTIC
   new commands:
     mount, dismount CLASS_MOUNT only
     unpack, tether, untether - CLASS_MOUNT and CLASS_DOMESTIC

known problems:
  teleporting someone with a mob tethered to them does not untether the mob.
I'll fix this sooner or later ;)

As a side note:
   I have 2 more smaller pieces of code I developed last summer that I plan
to put into patches and share: 1) skin corpses for hides, meat etc 2) Oasis
OLC assigning mobprograms when creating the mob.
   All of these are very early programming projects so about the only good
thing about them is that they appear to work. They might make good starting
points at the moment. If you want to upgrade the patches and then place them
on the circle site then be my guest. I haven't had any luck getting anything
to upload there.

                                Scott - scottw59@mail.idt.net

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