RE: Raven .. this ones for you my little faggot.

From: Zumwalt (
Date: 12/21/96

¤­YY¸ telling us "newbie coders" you great codes  etc... yet you dont
share or anything

stop telling us this if you can't help out certain people...



  Ok.. dude.. you asked for my IP adddress ... did you not.  Well i have
the mail to prove that.. so i sent it to you.. then as soon as you get
on my mud.. you ask what you ask everybody else on here.. TO GIVE YOU
FREE CODE!!!...  well dude.. i duno about the rest of the people.. but
i dont see but a couple people in the whole world that have donated their
mud to the ftp sites.. so quit thinking everybody else is going to do
the same.  Also, I think we are all sick of hearing you plea for help
Raven says, "Coders and builders required.. i cant do it myself"

  Enough said..

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