[Circlr] [INFO] low down on 100% comp. ansii char map

From: Darklord (zumwalt@koala.morningside.edu)
Date: 12/21/96

  Yea.. its done.. and im happy to say.. i learned something.
For some reason.. i am dealing in octal.  I do not understand it.. but
i have generated a character map and do not receive any bit with a code
of over 7.  Also.. i have only been able to create a map from 10-172 OCD

  Thats OCD not decimal system.  so i duno if there is a 997 out there.. but
im convienced th ere is nothing beyoned that.. if anyone has a bit over
172 and want me to through it in my nice looper here.. let me know.
  Also.. we might have to see if it gets processed through the mailer
which is seeming very doubtfull.

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