Can someone check this for me.. just extended technology here.

From: Darklord (
Date: 12/22/96

  Umm.. yea i was the one who created the ansii character map.. well i got
all the chars that are possibly visible on vt100 emulators and then some.
i was at a rang from \005 all the way up to \174 when i wasnt quite
satisified with the ordeal.  So i tried to ge the remaining 5
000-005 when i ran into something wierd.

it seems i started to go negatively from OCD into Decimal?  I duno if you
get an underflow or an overflow and flips the register from MSB to LSD or
what.  But anyway.. i started generating values of 00-97 = $
and so forth.. i dont have my C books around.. since its the holidays (of course)  but anyway... i just wanted to know if that was right (which sounds good to me)
and then wander why the thing fliped like that.  Because right now i am
generating symbols to what i think are in Hex.  If this is true... i think
we can deal away with the  :) (symbol) and use the real one.

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