Builders NEeded For New Mud!!!!

From: Raven (
Date: 12/22/96

hello we need experince builders that are reliable and trustworthy....

We need builders that have great imagination and humor...

We use OasisOLC and we seem to be bug free 8-)  wooo hooo

so if you are interested PLEASE reply also we need ASCI  artists for
webpages and start and ending title... please respond.. you will be promted
to god level if we accept you....  basically we are accepting anyone with
knowledge of OLC and loves to build   build   build...  we have a lot of
code in already..

this should be a great  mud...

please repsond to

Remeber  builders, asci artists and web page design  thanks~!~!
ThE RaVeN "NeVeRmOrE"

The Raven

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