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From: Darklord (zumwalt@koala.morningside.edu)
Date: 12/22/96

Position available for 1 (ONE, UNO) full time Area Implementor.  In case 
    you do not know what that title means.. than you SHALL NOT apply.

    Min. 1 year exp immortal builder.  Must have experience in
    troubleshooting and or repairing all related world/ files internally.
    Can be able to read internal syslogs and translate the nessessary probs.
    Must also put in more than 5 hours per week.
    OLC experience recommended, but not required.
    Quality and attention to detail is a must.

    You will be working on a MUD (Multi User Dimentional) with currently
    over 2 years of implementation.  System platforms and hardware include:
    Sparc V-120 running on Sun OS 5.5.  Duties include:  implementing over
    200 zones currently completed, editing existing zones, as well as create
    a few new rooms for special procedures and such.  Any contributions
    are welcome, and will be heavily reviewed.  This site has not been
    advertised in any way, and will not be opened until further notice.
    Benifits will be discussed later, and will receive 1 issued account if

If interested, send a resume along with your name and address where you
    can be reached to:


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