[Code] [Newbie] OasisOLC redit

From: Brian Michael Langenfeld (00206205@bigred.unl.edu)
Date: 12/23/96

Hey all--

   After spending most of the past two days adding code snippets to my 
mud, I decided to build a little bit.  When I entered 'redit', the mud 
crashed.  It crashes every time I try to redit an existing room, or if I 
redit a new room and try to set roomflags on it.  The mud is 
Circle3.0bpl11, with OasisOLC installed.  This is really bugging me (pun 
intended), and I'd really like to get this fixed.  Could someone please 
help me out here?  I wasn't having this problem before.  Muchos appreciados.

Brian Langenfeld

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