[Off-Topic] Mud Voting

From: Chris Williams (cdw@metro2.k12.mn.us)
Date: 12/23/96

I know this isn't closely related with the topic of this mailing list, but
I know this message has been posted to various mud lists and newsgroups and
I wanted to make sure the circle community got a chance to represent itself
fairly in the Best Mud Poll...so at the risk of being rude, here it is....

Vote for your favorite mud! We are currently taking votes for the best
mud... all votes must be cast by 1/15/97. One vote per email address. Must
include mud name and ip address (numerical or verbose is ok). All types of
muds are open for votes, and the 10 muds recieving the most votes will be
posted in a top ten list to various mud sites thru-out the net. Send all
votes to...


with the word VOTE as the subject.

Sorry about the spam...and best of luck to all you circle admins! Maybe
you'll be the best mud of the net! Encourage YOUR players to vote for you!


Chris Williams - cdw@metro2.k12.mn.us
Durfen - on the Forbidden Lands Dikumud->telnet://centcon.com:5000
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