From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 12/24/96

Being one who hates spam on a list, I find my self with a ...
warning ? reproach ? complaint ? b!tch ?
And while it seems off topic for here, I am passing it on because this
seems to be the main home of who's who in CircleMUD

About a week ago, one of the higher (so claimed) Imms of this rworld mud
appeared on our doorstep, tired and lonely so it seemed, and ready to mud.

Lo and behold if the first few words out of his mouth were not attempts to
recruit players, imms, coders, builders, imp, etc to go play his mud, and
code for him...

Being used to this, I politely attempted to make this person aware this
was not welcome on our mud, and this guy got EXTREMELY abusive.  This sad
story ended in a muting and purging...

I am not asking for a "judgement of peers" or anything so grand, I just
wanted anyone interested in this mud to be aware of the actions of the
people in charge of this place.

The site of the abuser did match the email below....

Sorry to spamm you, flames to me, and 
To one and To all may the holidays here and to come hold nothing but Joy,
Satisfaction, and Hapiness for you and all you hold dear.

Ghost Shaidan

On Tue, 24 Dec 1996, Nick West wrote:

> RWORLD ( 4000] is looking for coders. If you know Circle code
> and want to help make our MUD 100 levels; mail or
> visit the MUD and talk to an immortal. Thanks.
> Nick West
> On 11/5/96, did you chose between the lesser of 2 evils?
> If so, visit and meet the Libertarian Party!
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