[CIRCLE] [CODE] i dont even want to look at this. someone fix

From: Darklord (zumwalt@koala.morningside.edu)
Date: 12/25/96

  I could pr obably spend time and fix this.. but then again.. what the
hell for..   I am almost convienced that this code right here came stock.
So.. maybe someone has a bug fix.. all i know is if it was my code.. it would
work and i wouldnt be asking this question :P

***********************SNIP  ACMD(do_stat) **********************************
  } else if (is_abbrev(buf1, "file")) {
    if (!*buf2) {
      send_to_char("Stats on which player?\r\n", ch);
    } else {
      CREATE(victim, struct char_data, 1);
      if (load_char(buf2, &tmp_store) > -1) {
    store_to_char(&tmp_store, victim);
    if (GET_LEVEL(victim) > GET_LEVEL(ch))
      send_to_char("Sorry, you can't do that.\r\n", ch);
      do_stat_character(ch, victim);
      } else {
    send_to_char("There is no such player.\r\n", ch);
  } else if (is_abbrev(buf1, "object")) {

Now the problem is that its crashing when trying to allocate memory.. it seems
very possible that something is not getting freed.. my guess is that
i need to move the CREATE down one line.. just after the clear_char(victim);
Now.. i probably should have tried that before i wrote this.. but screw it.

I have never use this command before in my live.. since i had made my own from scratch.. that reads in the playerfile.. numbers show gold, race, class, name, in 
color, etc.. basically the exact same utility command showplay is but for
an online deal.. 

So.. one dude found this bug today and shure enough.. it was the only one i 
have been able to find left.

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