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From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 12/26/96

On Thursday, December 26, 1996 3:20 PM, Anthony J rye wrote:
>On Thu, 26 Dec 1996, Damian Cristina wrote:
><-==-> How can I start a house in CircleMUD 3.00?
> Very easily done when you build a room depending on the olc your using
>but if your using obuild it would be rset house i believe , but to make
>sure type rset flags.
> Oasisbuild should be about the same way except hit the no for where ut
>says flags and hit the # for house and to make it housecrash save hit the
># for HCRSH.

Umm. The HCONTROL command needs to be used to create and destroy the houses.  I haven't
used Obuild, so I won't speak for it.. but in Oasis, modifying the HCRSH and HOUSE bits only has
negative affects, never positive ones.

As for on-the-fly house creation, I have done some work.. to the point of being ready to implement an
"apartment complex" with a door guard, an elevator and the illusion of the size of the complex. The
last part is, of course, the part that was more difficult than it seemed, as I wanted to minimize any
wasted rooms. Another touch was to add a room desc and extra desc OLC for the house owner.
Easily done with Oasis (just copy redit and pull out the scissors)  or fairly easily accomplished as
a standalone routine I would think. In addition, the house would have a 'master lock' that the owner
could toggle on/off.. I changed houses to allow anyone to enter if the door was open.. and anyone to
open the door if it wasn't locked. I figured making the owner carry around a key was a bit too much
like RL, so I give them a stay_locked flag so guests can't leave the door open and unlocked. That
was a concession to the "frequently-linkless" people out there.. :)

I offer that as an idea of how I'd like to see houses... Any constructive criticism welcomed.



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