changing LVL_GOD in shop.c

From: Anthony J rye (
Date: 12/29/96

I have looked all over in shop.c and the only thing i could find was.
 I am trying to change this becuase in my level system LVL_GOD is not
defined at all.
 When i run make i get this 

chop.s:60: is in is_ok_char etc...
shop.c:60:LVL_GOD (undefined etc....)
shop.c:60: (define etc.....)
shop.c:429: LVL_GOD

thats pretty much what it is saying, but what i cant find is where do i
change these i have search through and through this file for LVL_GOD to
change it.

 Please help!

 thanks before hand.

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