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From: DJ Pure (
Date: 12/31/96

Ok. Here we go.

	Everone has an individual internet address. Most people have "dynamic"
ones, which mean that every time they "dial-up" their ISP's, their address
is different (usually the last number, out of four).

eg. Right now, my address which my computer/modem is connected to the
interenet is This means, that if i have my mud
"up-and-running", people would telnet to that address. Now, remember i said
it is dynamic. So when i log off (or get kicked of), then when i re-dial
back, my address could be different. For me, the last number changes,
becuase 203.17.73.xx (is my ISP and the last number must be some connection
they have to the interenet) 

Anyways, what this means for you to get people to telnet to your mud, you
must tell them your IP address (here, in my instance it is
203.17.73.<whatever the new number is>

Windows95 comes with a program that can tell you the IP number you are
connected to, but for other OS's, not sure.

To beat this problem of having to always tell the people what your latest
IP address is, you need to get a "static" IP address, which means the ISP
you're with needs to give you that. Contact your ISP for info on static IP


P.S. I'm not a technical genius, so some of the above could be technically
incorrect. Good Luck and have a Happy New Year !!!!

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