Re: [code][long]wpn.w.spell.patch and obuild.06

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 01/21/97

Thanks Sammy, for your answer, and if it isnt too much trouble, (sorry to
be suc a pain) what ELSE am i missing?
this si probably the most extensive patch i have yet to put in or at least
the most complicated file i have had to work with, I am learning more
everytime i try it but this is a HUGE sticking point...

I have put in this...
    for(j=0;j < MAX_SPELL_AFFECT; j++){
     if (obj_proto[i].spell_affect[j].spelltype > 0) {
       fprintf(new_file, "S\n%i %i %i\n",

in the objs_to_file function, and this:

    for(i-0;i < MAX_SPELL_AFFECT; i++){
      dest->spell_affect[i].spelltype  = src->spell_affect[i].spelltype;
      dest->spell_affect[i].level      = src->spell_affect[i].level;
      dest->spell_affect[i].percentage = src->spell_affect[i].percentage;

in the copy_object function..

and still nothing, I fully admit to being in over my head here, but i am
trying...i cant seem to think of even a way to test what i am doing wrong? 
any ideas or tips? or references (besides Sammy's generosity?)

Thanks in Advance..
Ghost Shaidan (the [Eternal]ly confused by this piece of code)
?able Sanity ( 4000

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Sammy wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Ghost Shaidan wrote:
> - I recently downloaded the wpn.w.spell.patch and it patched in almost
> - seemlessly.  (we put in mult attacks so i had to patch in the fight.c part
> - by hand).
> ...
> - I want it to work in obuild.  I added the following:
> ...
> - So i can type oset isnum1 54 islev1 200 isper1 100 and it will say, ok
> - like it worked, but when i osave, and check the .obj file...
> - Nothing, and if i edit it manually, and edit any object in that zone, the
> - extra lines are gone..
> Looks like the parts you've added are correct.  The problem is that
> there's more to adding weapon spells to an object in obuild than just
> setting the variables.  You'll also have to add those variables to
> copy_object, where it copies your object from the prototype space you were
> editing it in to the actual object prototype.  You'll also need to add it
> to objs_to_file, so obuild knows how to write it to disk.  I think once
> you change those two functions, new spells will save, and the old ones
> won't be trashed every time you save an object in that zone.
> Sam
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