[SYSTEM] mobprog patch and "patch"

From: Dan Howe (dhowe01@fxn.com)
Date: 01/24/97

I'm having some difficulty applying the mobprog patch that I ftped form
circlemud.org and hopefully someone can offer some suggestions.

I have installed a 3.0l11 version on a Sun box and am attempting to add
mobprog code to it.  As mentioned above, I downloaded the 3.0l11 mobprog
patch from circlemud.org but havn't been able to successfully run it.

the Solaris version of patch says there is a 'mangled' line (38 to be
exact), however it appears fine to me.  I've downloaded and compiled the
gnu 2.1 version of patch and get a similar error.

my syntax, while sitting in the src dir, for both versions is:

{path}/patch -p0 < {patchfile}

(ie: nothing fancy )

My first question: is is there a common syntactical error that would
cause this? or am I overlooking a step?

If not, is anyone aware of the validity of the code on circlemud.org?  I
suspect it's fine though.

Naturally I can step through the data file myself and make the changes
manually, but that's a hell of a lot of typing that I'd like to avoid.

Your input would be greatly appreciated,

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