[CODE][BUGFIX] object mail fix

From: Ryan Linn (rlinn@hubcap.clemson.edu)
Date: 01/25/97

ok... this is a fix for the object mailing patched code using improved 
editor.  When you abort a mail you still loose your item.  For those of 
you who either don't know how to fix it or didn't know the problem existed
here is the code snipit:

add to modify.c:

where it says else SEND_TO_Q("Mail aborted.\r\n", d);
change that line to:

else{ SEND_TO_Q("Mail aborted.\r\n", d);
 if (d->mail_vnum != NOTHING && real_object(d->mail_vnum) != NOTHING) {
 mail_obj = read_object(real_object(d->mail_vnum), REAL);
 obj_to_char(mail_obj, d->character);}

that will ensure that if you abort a post when you are mailing an object 
it gets returned to you.  This appears to work fine in my muds, but if 
you have any problems... let me know.

Ryan Linn
Apollo - Imp Ruins cyberplayce.com 8000
	 Imp ShadowMUD cyberplayce.com 4567
	 Imp ROR login.greatbasin.com 4000
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