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From: Leonard Burns IV (lburns@continet.com)
Date: 02/10/97

I am looking to mod the way that you see people enter and exit rooms and
just see them in general, i will try to explain it as well as i can, so
bear with me. =)

Lets say you are in a room and your alignment is positive and a char
with a negative align walks in, instead of it saying 'Bob has arrived
from the south' I would like it to say 'A -Human- has arrived from the
south.' And vice versa if an evil person sees a good person come in, or
exit. Pretty much so opposite aligns see each other as their race and
note their name.

I can't think of a way to do this, would I do a macron thing? I can see
a 'ch ' in use for the person leaving and arriving so how would you test
the peoples align that are already in the room, to display the 'A
-Human- has arrived' too. I probably lost you already, heh and if not
then great I am tearing my hair out about this one.
Leonard Burns IV
  Realms of Valor
galaxy.neca.com 6969
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