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From: George (
Date: 02/11/97

On Mon, 1 Jan 1990, Raf wrote:

>Well, theres this little command called LOG in Envy 2, which does 
>exactly what you want (I think). Maybe you could port it or 
>Good luck,

Think this will do it...logs the buffer of what they've
type after all processing and aliases,'s a
mailreader program, but it should do :)

int process_input(struct descriptor_data *t)
    if (*tmp == '!')
      strcpy(tmp, t->last_input);
    else if (*tmp == '^') {
      if (!(failed_subst = perform_subst(t, t->last_input, tmp)))
	strcpy(t->last_input, tmp);
    } else
      strcpy(t->last_input, tmp);

    if (!failed_subst)
      write_to_q(tmp, &t->input, 0);

->  sprintf(buf, "%s:%s", GET_NAME(t->character), tmp);
->  log(buf);

    /* find the end of this line */
    while (ISNEWL(*nl_pos))

    /* see if there's another newline in the input buffer */

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