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Date: 02/19/97

On Tue, 18 Feb 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Feb 1997, AxL wrote:
> > 	Ugh.  Probably off-topic, but it could apply to anyone who has
> > coded specific DnD things like that.  I used to be a regular on the 
> > a few years back, and at the time TSR went postal 
> > trying to shutdown all the FTP sites that contained ANY reference to it's
> > products....even the works that were done by regular people and were 
> > completely original, but could be used in a DnD setting. 
> > 	I wouldn't be suprised if they went after the mud scene next.
> TSR informs that it's illegal to contain any TSR specific trademarks
> (including AD&D) stuff anywhere but their approved sites. Thus, it is
> illegal to use "Drow" in the context of an Drow elf anywhere, save
> what is covered by 'fair use' (thus, this e-mail is legal). You'd have
> to read the info on their site. I believe.

Personaly I think TSR is going to far. They can't copyright words like
that. It's just like if I came and said: "I use 'Unicorn' in my stuff. So
now you can't" ... The word Elf have been in the world even before TSR was
born. Drow. Well.. I don't see parents copyright their kids names.

Remember that TSR tried to stop MUDs a few years ago, since MUDs used
their tables from D&D, AD&D.. They never got through with that, since most
MUDs use Math to calc. tables.

But then again.. This world is ruled by money, and if the bi guys want it
their way, we wont see MUDs nor an Internet in the future. Mostly becoz us
normal [? :)] people don't wanna take their bullshit, and pay what they
want us to pay.   Where is this freedom we should have as humans ?

Just 2 cent.

Erik Niese-Petersen
AKA Quint the Typo Dane
Realms of Darkness IMP

PS. If any non-newbie coder is interested in helping out, email me.

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