Re: Assemble code...

From: Matthew Petty (
Date: 03/03/97 writes:
> Hiya,
> 	After asking for some example code or for any help with getting
> an assemble command to work at all and very little useful response.  I
> consider the response I got none at all but some people did try and help
> so I won't leave them behind, I must thank you for atleast trying.  But
> after getting no help I decided to go about it all myself and figure it
> out and it turned out being much easier then I previously thought, but 
> since I got no help, I'm neglecting to post it to the list.
You might have noticed i sent this directly to you instead of the list :)
Note: This is NOT a flame.

I too have been wanting an assemble code...but I'd like to know if it
is a spec_proc? Could you please send me the code? My builders have been
wanting something like this but I couldn't figure it out <G>

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