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From: Darklord (mattm@KRON.CS.CSUFRESNO.EDU)
Date: 08/08/97

        I was suprised to learn this, so I figured I would fire up
my web browser to see if it was true.  I could only find corporate info
at the Blizzard site, which claims that CUC Software owns both Blizzard
and Sierra.  So from what I have seen, it appears that Blizzard and
Sierra Online or two branches of the same corp., rather than Blizzard
being a branch of Sierra.

Just picking nits,

                                                -Hans H Hjort

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OK.. dude.. your are correct in your research.. it seams CUC or whatever
is owner of both blizzard and online.. It is really weird.. it started
out to be something.. then went into sierra online.. thus at the
time comming out with games similar to space invaders which was the
main dispute of Atari suiing online.. However.. since Atari had more
money and was a bigger company at the time.. sierra online had
to bail out of the case.. and thus lost..  Then a few companys took
over sierra and then blizard came into play.. and then some bigger
company bought the whole 9 yards..   At least thats how i understand it.
TO be honest i duno the exact companys who own what.. but i do know
that your research fits along those lines... as stated in my previous post.

  Just to clear things up here.. i just wanted to verify your post Hans.

Thanks for clerifying it a bit more.


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