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From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 09/10/97

> On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Chris Proctor wrote:
> > (btw, a spelling correction: one staff, two staves).
>         Not so, This is taken from the AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide 3rd
> Edition page 207:
>         Stave: Staves are about 5-6 feet long and as thick as a young
> sapling - About an inch and half at the base, tapering to an inch at the
> top. [....]
>         Staves, like wands and rods, are powered by charges.
>         They are not the same as a staff.

AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide is hardly a reputable source. :)
It appears staffs and staves are both acceptable plurals for staff.
It's not clear from their definitions if "staff" and "stave" are

Staff, n.; pl Staves or Staffs. A stick or rod; a prop or support;
a baton; the five parallel lines on which musical characters are
written; a body of officers attached to an army as a whole; a body
of persons assisting in any undertaking.

Stave, n.; A pole; one of the pieces of timber of casks, etc.;
a stanza, in music, the staff. -vt. (staving, staved). To break
in a stave of; to break a hole in (pret. & pp. also stove). --To
stave off, to put off; to delay.

> > In answer to your question: It's a feature ;-)
> > And quite a useful one at that ;-)
>         And a bug, you don't know the number of muds that still have the
> serpentine staff in the game (the invis one in the desert). You can be
> first level (though the higher the better), buy a quadzillion puppies
> (lets face it, its not that hard to beg a ridiculous amount of money from
> higher ups), and start earthquaking huge mobs. One earthquake for every
> puppy, starts to add up.
>                                         #include <Ryan.G>

Both ways of handling staffs which cast group spells are correct.
It has already been mentioned that care is required in the
implementation used by stock Circle. Don't abuse the word "bug."

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