Re: OasisOLC-MobProg Support

From: Chris Rehbein (lint@JHU.EDU)
Date: 09/11/97

>medit.c:583: conflicting types for `medit_get_mprog_type'
>medit.c:94: previous declaration of `medit_get_mprog_type'

Conflicting types means that there is a different declaration and a
different usage.. This is visible in the code you gave us..

>const char *medit_get_mprog_type(struct mob_prog_data *mprog)
>switch (mprog->type) {
>{                                  <--------- this is line 583

Notice that it is declared as a *const* char function when used...

>#if defined(OASIS_MPROG)
>void medit_disp_mprog(struct descriptor_data *d);
>void medit_change_mprog(struct descriptor_data *d);
>char *medit_get_mprog_type(struct mob_prog_data *mprog); <-- 94

And the initial declaration is just char?  One of them has to be changed.

- Cheers!

- Chris R.

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