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From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 09/16/97

On Tue, 16 Sep 1997, Whitey wrote:

-+I mean, how many times have we seen people sleeping right next to the
-+fountain?  Why doesn't a sly thief just come up and steal the pants off
-+these dozing adventurers?  Or maybe a band of marauders can all attack him
-+at once.  Grouped mobs?  Yea, grouped mobs!  Give 'em a fighting chance!

Well, logicially grouped mobiles.  Don't have people attacked by a
group of hermits.  But it would be a good idea if attacked cityguards
didn't sit and fight, waiting for back-up.  Maybe they could flee and
find back-up, call for back-up, or if a cityguard comes into the room
they call for back-up before joining the fight (or possibly resucing
the other cityguard if he's hurt bad enough).

-+PS:  Some muds have banks.  Don't these banks ever get robbed?

Which makes me think: why do so many "medieval" muds have ATMs?
It'd be much cooler to have bankers, anyway.  Someone makes 25 gold.
They go to a banker and give them 25 gold.  The banker hands over
a bank note with an official seal and goes about his business.  You
then take that bank note back to any banker (or any banker that is
in good standing with the person whose seal is upon your bank note)
and you can cash it in for gold.  This also leaves open the possibility
of stolen bank notes.  Now, let's say that Ronan is going on a quest
to defeat the entire sword-training school ran by Irn; before he leaves
he decides he'll need some funds once he arrives in the city where Irn
holds his school.  Irn goes to his banker and asks which bankers in
the city will accept bank notes with that particular seal.  The banker
instructs him who and where, gives Ronan a bank note with his balance
and the seal of his banker...Now, when Ronan gets into the new city,
he can find the other banker and retrieve as much gold coins as (a)
he wants provided it's under his balance, (b) as many coins as the
banker actually has.  Then have bankers limit how much money they
accept (there's a risk in accepting 2000 gold pieces; you can get
robbed in no time flat), and you have a system somewhat mimicing
the origins of banking...I think it's kindof cool, myself...

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