Re: [WIN95][UTILS]

From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 11/12/97

Michael Simons wrote:
> Has anyone fixed all of the CircleMUD Utilities so that they
> can compile under win95?  I know that the ftp site has the
> conversion for the autowiz one, but I haven't seen any others
> yet.  If there are, could I get the location for them?

Heh, yes they have the autowiz one done...but darn if i can get it to
work right.  Well, i take that back.  I can get it to work totally fine,
by itself(ie, type autowiz 30 30 or somesuch) The mud causes a GPF when
it tries to use the program, doesn't crash the mud, but never gets the
program to run.

Another problem.  I've so recently informed people about the winpatch
program and also asked for the olc 1.5 patch.  Well, i ended up patching
the olc myself and it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be, except
for one thing.  The mud i am doing this with had 98% of the code already
in, just missing the mobprog stuff and also defined as _TY_OLC?  Now
when i try to compile the mud it really messes up with errors galore. I
don't need help with that though as i understand most and can step
through all them.  What I am asking is: could somebody get the normal
olc files and patch them to 1.5 or just get the 1.5 for me and then send
them?  I would think this would be really easy for a unix guy to patch
it up and send over as the mud is still stock, olc being the only thing
i've found so far that's been patched in.  (more like brutally squished
in).  heh, this definately doesn't sound to intelligible at 1am, but
hell, i've fiddled and fiddled and now i ask for help from competant
people :P


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