Re: [CODE] Remort Multiclass system

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@BELLATLANTIC.NET)
Date: 11/15/97

>What needs to be changed about the multiclass.tar.gz
>that is on the snippets page in order to allow players
>to remort to another class once they hit a certain
>level? Also, I'm wondering how to combine the skills
>of two or more classes into one list.
>If anyone has any simple code to donate on this, I
>would appreciate it. Or any suggestions so that
>we(at my MUD) can code these features in.

        Remort MultiClass is how I did it.  Didn't use that patch however.
If you're thiking about doing it, I'd start from stratch.  There's nothing
all that complicated involved, just alot of cut-paste.

        Besides adding the new classes, I did the following as well.

                - Write an IS_MUTLICLASS(ch) macro
                - Added multi checks to IS_WARRIOR, IS_CLERIC, etc.
                - Changed all the GET_CLASS == CLASS_WARRIOR to the
                  revised IS_WARRIOR macros, did the same for all
                  other classes.
                - Added IS_MUTLI exits in various places such as the
                  guildguard functions.
                - Wrote a 'Death' special to actually convert chars to
                  the new class when they reach 30th level.
                - Explanded the displays in do_set, do_score, do_who, etc
                  to fit 5 chars. 'wa/cl'

        All in all, works like a charm.  Well worth the 6 or so hours worth
of total effort involved.  Don't go patch, do it from scratch.  You're more
apt to get what you want.

        Someone suggested to me before, making the resultant classes a true
average of the base and secondary classes.  This is something I might
actually try in the future, but as nobody's complained yet about their
hittables, etc thats's a strong 'might'.  Guess there isn't much difference
between needing to roll a 1 or a 3, at lvl 30/30 ;)

        As far as giving you working multiclass code, sure I'll trade it to
you for two builders and a SRV bootleg tape ;)

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