Re: [OFF-TOPIC] OLC and Restricted shell

From: Erwin S. Andreasen (erwin@PIP.DKNET.DK)
Date: 11/18/97

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, George wrote:

> >I don't want them to have a full account on there, but a restricted shell
> >that allows very few commands and restricts them to the /usr/local/mud
> >directory.
> MUD++ implemented a mini telnet daemon which would spawn a secure pico
> shell where the person could edit things.

It's extremely slow unless you have a very good net connection.

I plan to release version 2 of mudFTP soon, which will have a client
written in Java and will be easier to set up (curretnly about 3 people use
it, and it is limited to Unix only, the Java client will be usable only
any Java-capable platform).

What is mudFTP? Here's something from the docs (note: this is the docs
from the old version, which describe the push-style client which requires
the MUD client to start it; the new pull-client will not).

What is mudFTP?

mudFTP is a way to retrieve text entries from the MUD you are connected to
to your local system, edit them locally with your favorite editor, then
upload them back up.

The protocol uses a separate port for connections. A client program
connects to that port and retrieves/send the files. This program should be
run when a special sequence is received from the MUD - so it is fairly
easy to use this client with any MUD client, not just mcl, as long as the
client supports some sort of triggers. A description of the protcol can be
found in the Protocol file.

The current push-client is available with source for daemon inside my MUD
client, mcl, on my homepage.

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