Re: adding new levels gone off topic, and onto flaming

From: Drago's (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 11/20/97

>,but i have decide on trying to get a c book any suggestions on a good one
>for c coding muds? or is there one out there specifically just for mud?


I started right where you are about a month ago.  There a a few things you
can do to get better. Doing stuff with your code is #1.  If you have any
programming experiance, look around and try to see why things do the things
they do. If you have access to a good internet broswer (or any text broswer
should work too), there are a million and one tutorials on the net (free of
charge) and work 99% as well as a C book.  Here is a site with a good number
of tutorials to choose from. (Get used to the C syntax, its wierd at first.)

Hope this helps.  And don't let flamers get you down, it happens.  Just
delete the message and realize that it hasn't hurt you in any way.  Just
delete it and go on.

Chuck Reed

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