[newbie][code]damage function

From: Bowes, Chris (cjb@ADDLESHAW-BOOTH.CO.UK)
Date: 01/07/98

Hi :--)
probably me being stupid not recognising it but can anyone explain why
this is happening :

i have created a skill, which will initiate a fight and has some other
effects, but for some reason
the mud is sending the wrong message to the player(s) involved ...when
you`re successfull with
the skill you still get a failure message even though the right actions
are taken (ie damaging the
targets armour)...
pseudo code :

if (sucess) {
 do some stuff;
 damage(ch,vict,1,SKILL_XXX); /* start fight with skill_message and

sucess */
} else {
 damage(ch,vict,0,SKILL_XXX); /* start fight with skill_message and a 

failure? */

i checked that the skill messages in the /lib/misc/messages file that i`d
set up
were in the correct order and they definitely are...i can only presume
its to do with how
i called damage function, but i did that the same as the ACMD(do_bash)
routine ...
*shrug* - any help appreciated...

"Gimme de Beer..."

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