[CODE] A small fix that bothered me

From: Drago's (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 01/12/98

Hi again.  I noticed that players were having all there stats knocked down
to 18's if there stats were higher.  The way I fixed this is delete the
stock check made in handler.c and replaced it with if checks (sloppy but
effective) much to the effect of this:

if (GET_STR(ch) > 25)
   GET_STR(ch) = 25;
else if(GET_STR(ch) < 3)
   GET_STR(ch) = 3;

Do this for all of the stats and you shouldn't have a problem with this anyore.
Newbies are going to benifit from this probably, so all you god-like coders
don't flame me for sending such a simple fix :p

Chuck Reed

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